Bone Strength- A healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise has been proven to increase the density of bone mass.

Longevity- People who are physically active live longer healthier lives.

Brain Cell Development- Exercise stimulates the creation of new brain cells. Researchers have found that exercise stimulates areas of the brain responsible for memory and learning.

Antidepressant- There are multiple studies available that conclude the same fact: Exercise, when committed to several times a week, is a powerful antidepressant and may provide the same benefits as many popular prescriptions, naturally

Cardiovascular Health- The heart is a muscle just like any other, when it is not stimulated it will deplete in its performance. Exercise has been proven to stimulate the heart in ways that allow it to become more tone; thus making it more productive in its duties of pumping blood and providing the body with ample circulation. A healthy heart requires much less effort to supply more blood through the body.

Lower Cholesterol- Exercise itself does not burn away cholesterol like it does fat, however, it does influence good total cholesterol by lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

Prevention and Control of Diabetes- There is significant studies from multiple reputable sources that indicate even moderate physical activity and weight loss can decrease risk of getting diabetes by 50-60%.

Reduce blood Pressure- Though unclear on the reason for this effect, exercise can significantly improve blood pressure.

Reduce Risk of Stroke- Ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes have been proven to be reduced greatly by utilizing exercise as a habitual way of life.

Weight Control- It is no surprise that the more calories you burn during exercise, the less you store, therefore the less weight you gain. Regular exercise helps to lower and maintain a healthy weight.

Muscle Strength- Numerous health studies show that exercise of all types promotes muscle strength, which in turn decreases fat tissue.

Better Sleep- There is a natural decline in a person’s body temp, 5-6 hours after an active exercise routine. This effect has been shown to aid in the ability to obtain a good nights rest.