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I have been taking the class twice a week at the North Scituate Library with Peter for the last six months. I just wanted to let you know that my recent bone density scan, done about 6 weeks ago, has shown an improvement for the first time after 10 years of consistently going downhill. I think the class has been very helpful to me in warding off Osteoporosis which strongly runs in my family. Please keep the classes going. Thank you so much!

-Wished to Remain Anonymous | Via Email | BoneBuilder

I used to take medication to build up my bones but I wanted to get off the medication because of the side effects. I started taking the class two years ago and my bone density has improved – without the medication – so it does work!

– Nancy Herz | Rhode Show Quote | BoneBuilder/Substitute Leader

I started with a class at the North Scituate Library about six weeks ago with Peter and have dropped about a pound a week! The other plus is the strength and energy level I have achieved.
Thank you BoneBuilders!

Wished to Remain Anonymous | Online Submission | BoneBuilder

Just went for my annual appointment last week and my doctor was very happy with my bone density test results! She said usually a woman of my age starts to show a slight decrease in bone density. My results were excellent! She wanted to know what I was doing and I attributed it to my North Scituate Bone Builders class with Peter. I have been going for about a year now and it is a super class! Great program, wonderful people and Peter is a very motivating instructor! Thanks Bone Builders of RI!

Kathy S. | Online Submission | BoneBuilder

“Thanks to Bone Builders, I can now touch the top of my sneakers without bending my knees. I don’t think I’ve been able to do that since I was 5.

Anonymous | Email to Leader | BoneBuilder

Location Liaison Testimonial

I’m just letting you know how much we’ve appreciated the BoneBuilders program here at the North Scituate Public Library. Since we’ve hosted the classes, starting in March, we’ve seen a continued interest in the BoneBuilders Class with a weekly attendance of over 30 people. This partnership has been hugely beneficial for our library. We’ve been able to connect more with our senior base in Scituate, building the relationship as a public community space. Because of BoneBuilders, other town members have noticed and seen the library’s potential. The low-impact class brings people to the library and has become part of their weekly routine. We’ve gotten people interested in other programs that the library hosts and found dedicated volunteers who are now helping us and also continuing to go to class!

The library is very satisfied with the partnership and looks forward to continuing it!

– Rachael Juskuv | Former Reference Librarian | North Scituate Public Library

Professional Testimonial

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