Medical Professionals

All of our participants are mandated to get medical clearance from their primary care physician. On our medical clearance waiver, there is a check-box asking professionals if they are interested in displaying our brochures in their offices. We are always so thrilled when a Physician goes out of their way to learn more and express an interest in promoting our cause! After all, we are here to help improve the lives of our participants and you are obviously here because you wish to do the same for your patients. Bonebuilders does that.

How will BoneBuilders help your Patients?

The program was initially designed to help people build strong bones or reverse the effects of osteoporosis and osteopenia. Science suggests that doing so is as easy as putting your muscles and skeletel structure under some sort of resistance. We use free-wights to achieve this. Hand and ankle weights are used for approximately 60% of the exercise’s duration. The other 40% is for warm-ups and cool-downs as well as for balance.

How can you help?

BoneBuilders of RI is sponsored and run by The Village at Waterman Lake. We treat it as a non-profit endeavor as we have no intentions of showing a profit. Donations at each class merely help to defray the vast costs of the program such as leader compensation, promotion and management. The expenses exceeding the donations are greatly worth the price paid but we are always seeking ways to lighten the burden.

Class attendance is our highest priority. The more participants we can get into each class, the more likely that class is to survive, thus allowing the participants present and future to benefit from the program.

Are you interested in helping our pursuit along with gaining a reputable program you can confidently refer to your patients who need it? 

If you’d like to begin referring BoneBuilders to your patients, you may use this convenient form to request our brochures. The first time we provide brochures we will visit in person and hope to speak directly with the referring professional in the event they have additional questions. Please provide a “Convenient Time” in the provided space if that is the case. You may also call us to request brochures at 401-949-1333. Please ask for John.

When you run out of brochures, you may use this form, or call us at the number above, and we will ship out additional brochures promptly.

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