Member Resources

Welcome Packet  – The welcome packet contains a brief description of the classes and the arrival routine. It also contains two waivers that will need to be filled out. The personal waiver, signed by you, will need to be provided prior to participation in the classes. The medical waiver, signed by your primary care physician, we hope to get back as soon as possible. This can typically be dropped off at your PCP and they can fax it to us upon completion. There is never a need for an appointment for this. Our fax number is located directly on the waiver. You can download the Word Document or the PDF Document of the welcome packet.

Location Listing (Double Sided) – This download is a listing of all of our locations. It is two-sided with a total of 16 locations.

If you do not have a printer the Welcome Packet can be provided to you on your first day of the class. Please come to your first class at least 10 minutes prior to the start time if you need to fill out a waiver. 

Last Updated 4/16/2019

Cancellation Notification System

Fill out this form to be included in the notification system for class cancellations at your selected classes. We can provide these notices via email and text message.

This field should include your area code in the format XXXXXXXXXX (No spaces or other characters)

Check all that apply to you.